Biden to issue executive order halting any Trump 'midnight regulations'
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“We are announcing now that, as with other incoming administrations have done previously, the Biden-Harris White House will issue a memo to have influence on the day Eastern Time on January 20 which will block or postpone midnight regulations, actions taken by the Trump government which won’t have taken effect by Inauguration Day,” Psaki informed reporters.

Midnight regulations are principles that outgoing administrations hurry through during the lame-duck period.

Psaki mentioned a pending Department of Labor principle she says would make it simpler for companies to classify their employees as independent contractors rather than salaried employees with benefits.

Psaki noted that”devoting a regulatory bomb is regular practice for an incoming government.”

By Election Day into Inauguration Day at 2016, the Obama government released 145 new regulations, many of which have been associated with the environment, according to the conservative American Action Forum.

Congress is also cautious of the Trump government’s midnight regulations. A set of Democratic Congressmen introduced the Midnight Regulations Review Act earlier this month, which might necessitate the U.S. Government Accountability Office to provide Congress with information about the regulations the Trump government ushers through.

The suspend on midnight legislation is only one of many activities Biden has intended for his first day in office. The president-elect has also assured that he will rejoin the Paris climate arrangement and rejoin the World Health Organization immediately.

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