Immigration Lawyer Breaks Down President Biden's Immigration Bill
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The Immigration Bill comprises a eight year citizenship route for immigrants.

“What it might do would be… If this bill is enacted, if that provision is enacted, folks would have the ability to apply for a job card along with a travel document which would be helpful as many as five decades,” explained Immigration attorney Troy Mattes.

“After the five decades have passed and you have been a fantastic person, no criminal action, you must show that you have been paying your taxes, and then it is possible to apply for a green card,” said Mattes.

Following three decades of getting that green card, then the person is qualified to submit an application for a U.S Citizenship.

Some in congress are not certain about where President Biden’s priorities stand.

Pennsylvania Congressman Fred Keller says prior to having discussions concerning spiritual, President Biden should focus on people fighting at home.

“Right now, we are in a stage In Time Where Americans want assistance. American households, American employees,” he explained.

Congressman Keller also adds that the invoice isn’t fair to people who abide by the rules.

“We shouldn’t be taking a look at rewarding people–adults who have come into our state and didn’t adhere to the legislation,” he adds.

Mattes–that works mostly with Central American immigrants says that he remains optimistic that some areas of the bill will pass.

“With The Ideal Negotiation And Coming To An Deal, I am Really Optimist,” he explained.

The Bill also contains: Supplement present border resources With infrastructure and technology, and encourage asylum seekers and other vulnerable populations.

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