Indian model Paula accuses Sajid Khan of sexual harassment when she was 17

This past year the business had been completely shaken by various #MeToo allegations. Some of the greatest names were dragged to this scandal and dreadful tales were made public.

The version happened to her Instagram profile penned a note down. She explained why she had been quiet last year when everybody was prepared to talk concerning the harassment they faced. She stated,”When #MeToo movement began, a great deal of people talked about Sajid Khan however I didn’t dare to as like every other celebrity who does not have any godfather and needed to make to get a household I kept silent. I really don’t have my parents . I am making for myself. I can dare to inform that I’ve been plagued by Sajid Khan in age 17.”

She said that when she had been phoned in by the manager to the screenplay, he misbehaved with her. She said,”He talked dirty to me personally.
I’m coming out today not for any shame party. It is only that I realised that had influenced me so poor when I was a youngster and decided not to talk. Nonetheless, it’s time ? These Bastards ought to be behind bars not just for casting couch but for manipulating and for slipping away your fantasies. However, I didn’t stop!! Nevertheless, the wrong I did wasn’t to talk about it!”

Sajid Khan was detained by three girls this past year. He had been enticed by an actor, an assistant manager and just a journalist. The manager has remained silent regarding the accusations. We wonder whether he’ll break his silence today.