MacBook Air M2 release date tipped
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Apple may soon put the MacBook Air M2 on sale, easing the wait.

According to MacRumors, a retail source claimed that the MacBook Air M2 will go on sale on July 15th. Pre-orders open on July 8 (next Friday). This is in keeping with Apple’s WWDC 2022 promise that the new Air would be available in July. It also follows Apple’s usual pattern of splitting pre-orders with normal sales across two Fridays for its latest products.

The MacBook Air 2 M2 is a lot more expensive than the MacBook Air 1 M1. The MacBook Air M2 is a bit more expensive than the previous model. However, the Apple M2 chip, lighter design, better speakers, and a higher resolution webcam all sound like worthwhile upgrades. If you don’t care about upgrading, the MacBook Air M1 will remain at the original $1,000 price.

Apple’s MacBook Pro M2 is the other new laptop that was launched this month. This machine has received some negative press lately, as its base model is unable to outperform the MacBook Pro M1 in certain benchmarks because of its slower SSD transfer speeds.

We will be curious to see if the MacBook Air M2 has the same performance issues as the MacBook Pro M2. We may suggest that you buy more RAM or storage for your MacBook Air M2, as it appears to have the same performance issues as the MacBook Pro M2.

Rumors suggest that the MacBook Air M2 might not be Apple’s latest lightweight laptop for very long. A MacBook Air 15-inch model could be on the horizon in spring next year, according to rumors. This would allow the Air series to go beyond 13 inches. It may also include the rumored Apple M2 Pro chip along with the regular M2 silicon.

Take a look at the MacBook Air M2 hands-on to see our initial thoughts and guide on pre-ordering the MacBook Air M2 for some tips on where to get the best deals.

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