Vadivel Balaji : The Man Who Lost His Life

Tamil author Vadivel Vithal Balaji expired at the hospital at Chennai now at age 55. He was admitted to the hospital once he had suffered from a coronary attack.

Vithal Balaji was created on August 8, 1944 at Kuttanad at Tamil Nadu.

His dad, Vithal Kumar, was an alcoholic, also Vadivel frequently heard his dad complain of his era and inability to maneuver much in his older age. Vithal’s alcoholism murdered him several years back.

As a young child, Vadivel loved to sing and dance, which he cried in, but it wasn’t till his teen years that he managed to enter some type of behaving. He became popular with advertisements for Pepsi Cola, but afterwards went on to star in certain movies like Adhu Idhu, Kalakaukulam Yaaru and Adhu Adho Idhu.

The popularity which Balaji had made in his first years in acting made him very famous. As a performer he appreciated a range of films such as Varkala, Ilukki, Kaalaiyaalaiyaar as well as Kamalapooriyaalaiyaar from the 1980s. He was famous for his performances in both dramas and humor.

As a writer, he wrote many novels for its Tamil translation along with Hindi dictionary such as the autobiographical novel Maadhiyaan (Household ). Vadivel was granted a lifetime achievement award from the Tamil movie industry in 1996 for best actor of the livelihood in the category’Best Director’.

Although Balaji was an artist, he wasn’t a very famous artist. His most popular work is his painting Kavyugyanathilum, a masterpiece that’s quite detailed and filled with vivid colours. A lot of men and women claim to have observed Balaji around the display, but his actual face can’t be clearly viewed in at least one of these images.

Balaji didn’t have a significant family. He was married and divorced a few times, and never had kids. His father was a drunkard and his mum was an alcoholic and had no time to get her husband.

Vadivel Balaji was a fantastic poet and painter. In the past couple of years of his life he’d begun writing poems and songs to ease his wife and wife. He had been very similar to his brother Dinesh, that was also a musician.