Why would Jordan Morris go on loan to Swansea
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The Championship? Really?

I will be the first to admit I was amazed to hear that this was a possibility. — probably is not the future we envisioned for Morris when and if he left his hometown team. Nonetheless, it makes more sense when you take a look at the larger picture.

There are two key elements to remember: 1 ). Swansea is now able to get promotion into the Premier League; two. To put it differently, this is an protracted trial. If Morris performs nicely, it sets up a larger movement. Perhaps that is going up alongside Swansea, perhaps it’s someplace else.

Yeah, but were not bigger groups interested?

I don’t have any clue how competitive their efforts were or if they desired full transports, but there is at least some logic to picking Swansea. While Morris could have had to fight for playing time in any given top-flight destination, he is very likely to get lots of moments in Swansea’s 3-5-2. Also, but the amount of competition should not be too large of a step up , no offense to Rotherham and Wycombe lovers! If Morris will get 20 looks — Swansea will play with 23-27 matches between now and the end of the year — it is not in any way difficult to envision him scoring 8-10 aims and suddenly looking far more appealing to prospective suitors. Additionally, it does not hurt that Swansea trainer Steve Cooper is apparently a huge fan of Morris and the group is owned by American Jason Levien.

What then?

If Morris plays nicely, the expectation is a team with be inclined to cover the Sounders something like $5-$7 million to get his rights. Either Swansea will causes it to be a lasting transfer or a larger group will swoop in with the offer which is more inclined to include closer-to-guaranteed enjoying time.

Is there an opportunity he comes back involving the loan and a permanent transport?

That sounds extremely unlikely. Morris will have just completed enjoying with a fairly heavy schedule and European preseasons generally begin in early July. Additionally, however, Concacaf is still likely to play with the Gold Cup from July 10-Aug 1. It is difficult to envision Morris bypassing his offseason so he could play with a couple more games with the Sounders, risking harm on the way.

So that is it then?

All this is based on the premise that Morris performs well enough that he frees a person in Europe to fulfill the Sounders’ valuation. It is obviously possible he does not play nicely or simply decides he would rather spend his career in Seattle. In that situation, he had might return as soon as June.

What is inside for your Sounders?

There is no genuine sugar-coating that: the Sounders do not actually stand to get anything in the brief term, besides a comparatively modest number of salary-cap space. On the other hand, they could likely claw back something like $600,000 to get a half-season value of allocation and salary cash. The best-case situation is they would be able to bring into a MLS veteran to briefly plug in the hole and maybe make a splashier registering through the summertime. However, the odds of replacing Morris’ generation player-for-player — particularly considering he does not occupy a Designated Player place — are far fetched, to say the very least.

Let us just assume somebody is ready to pay $7 million for Morris’ complete transport. That is over the Sounders have accumulated from all their incoming transfers within their own history and is approximately equal to the most they have ever spent an incoming participant. To put it differently, that is a large quantity of money that will presumably be re-invested. Even with no open DP place, the Sounders could put that toward earning a player or 2 beneath the”U-22 Player Initiative.” I would not anticipate this to bear much fruit this season, but it might render them off long term.

Beyond this, by adapting Morris’ fantasies, the Sounders deliver a clear sign they are a lively member of this transport ecosystem by being both a vendor and a purchaser. Presently, the sole MLS teams that have bought and sold players to get at least 5 million have been Atlanta United and the New York Red Bulls.

But why ?

We should consider ourselves blessed to have loved watching Morris for as long as we all did. He has accomplished nearly everything we could have hoped , and leaves the Sounders at a much better position than when he’d signed. Let us wish him well.

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