Xbox Series S - The Next Generation of Video Gaming
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Xbox Series S is a new home video gaming console manufactured by Microsoft. It was launched at E32019 as “Project Scorpio” and is planned to be released in the autumn of 2020. The Xbox S is the successor of the Xbox 360 and it is designed to provide the same high quality gaming experience.

Xbox S is smaller and easier to hold than the previous Xbox. This is because the Xbox S controller has less buttons than the original Xbox controller and the controls are now a lot simpler. The Xbox S console can be carried by one person, but it also has an additional port that allows a player to connect the Xbox S to an external USB controller. It has a slim design and it is thinner than the PlayStation.

The main difference between Xbox and PlayStation consoles is that Xbox consoles use discs for games. The Xbox console games do not need to be stored on the hard disk of the PlayStation console. PlayStation games on the other hand have to be stored on the hard drive of the PlayStation console, so when the PS3 player plays a game, he has to make sure that he keeps the disc in his PS3 console in the right place. This is possible only if the game is not deleted from the disc before the player decides to transfer it to another system.

In Xbox S, games are stored on the hard disk of the console, but are saved onto the hard drive of the computer and the user does not have to transfer the games before using the game. This saves a lot of time because the games are already stored on the hard drive, but this also helps the users to save their game discs and make use of them later. When the players want to play the game, they have to load it directly from the hard drive of the Xbox console and this is a lot easier than it is with the PlayStation console.

Although the Xbox S console is smaller, the graphics are much better compared to PlayStation and there are more options available on the Xbox S compared to the PlayStation. In the case of games, both types can provide the same amount of entertainment. However, the graphics in the PS3 games are more detailed and are made for a much bigger audience whereas on Xbox the graphics are quite realistic but are suitable for younger children and older gamers. For all types of games for the Xbox can offer the same high quality graphics but the difference lies in the extras, like the controller options and the extra features that come along with the games.

The prices of Xbox S console are very affordable and it is possible to buy a console at the starting price of $500. and up. The latest console is a little cheaper but it has much more powerful graphics compared to the PS3.

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