Amazon Prime Video Razzes Netflix On Twitter For Password Sharing Crackdown
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Prime Video will not let its competitor Netflix forget about its formerly accommodating stance toward password sharing.

In response to a blissful tweet from Netflix in 2017 with the caption “Love is sharing a password,” the Twitter handle for Prime Video in the United Kingdom threw a barb embedded in a graphic.

The Prime Video account responded with a taunting response to the inquiry, “Who’s watching? a mock-up of the home page that Netflix uses, which displays all of the user profiles associated with an account.

It responded with “Everyone who knows our password” and then added a heart emoji at the end of the sentence. Since it was posted on Thursday, the tweet has received more than half a million user likes.

Netflix is rolling out a new policy to charge users who pass along their login credentials. The company has claimed its internal research as evidence that as many as 100 families have been swapping passwords. This week, the crackdown, which the firm refers to using the phrase “paid sharing” to make it sound less menacing, made its way to the United States.

Previously, it had been implemented in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain. Customers who subscribe to the most popular plan offered by the company, which costs $15.49 a month, are required to pay an additional $7.99 for each person who uses the subscriber’s password.

Along with its efforts to curb file-sharing, Netflix introduced a lower-priced subscription tier financed by advertisements in the fall of last year. Analysts on Wall Street believe that the two efforts, when combined, have the potential to create additional revenue in the amount of billions of dollars over the next several years.

This surge is expected to be a game-changer for the firm as it contends with subscriber saturation in certain regions and rising competition in a streaming field that it once virtually dominated.
In general, Netflix’s more recent competitors have yet to make an effort to restrict password sharing since they have concluded (much like Netflix did earlier on) that achieving scale is their major goal and that recouping lost money can be accomplished later.

For its part, Prime Video is related to the much larger Prime subscription plan that offers free shipping and other perks, and up until this point, Amazon has been more lenient in allowing adults to be added to a household’s Prime account. Prime Video is included in the Prime subscription plan.

Even though competition between companies is nothing new on social media, particularly in the digital industry, the snide tone of Prime Video’s 2021 message in response to the “amazing and inspiring.

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